Robert Rose vom Content Marketing institute live on StageDienstag, 11. August 2015

Wenn es um Content Marketing geht, darf ein Vertreter des Content Marketing Institute aus Ohio natürlich nicht fehlen.
So freuen wir uns riesig, dass es uns gelungen ist, dessen Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose an Bord zu holen, der dem Event bereits entgegenfiebert.

Robert-Rose_150The lineup of speakers just looks outstanding. I think it’s just going to be an incredible two days of content marketing goodness – and I can’t wait to be there and learn myself”, so Robert im Vorfeld!


Jeder spricht zur Zeit von Content Marketing – aber was ist dran, an diesem Tool aus der großen weiten Welt des Marketings – warum soll es gerade dieses Puzzleteil sein, das so unglaublich wichtig ist?

Content Marketing is an approach that can make all the aspects of the business better. It evolves the approach of marketing into a practice that can not only use direct marketing methods to describe the value of products and services – thus persuading people to purchase them but CREATE distinct, differentiated value that creates a more valuable business. Understanding how to hold the attention and derive the insight from an audience provides value beyond just generating a lead. It can provide better, more valuable leads. It can give us valuable information about which of our products and services resonate most with customers. It can make our advertising dollars go further. It can help our search engine rankings. It can give us better research capabilities for new product development. It can help us raise our loyalty.

In today’s world, we have to rise above the noise and commoditization of the creation of media. Our mission is to create a valuable experience for customers at every step of their journey. To the extent we can do that without having to buy our way in – only makes what we do more valuable to both us and the customer. 

Aber wie teuer darf denn diese für den Kunden kreierte Story sein? Ist Content Marketing nur etwas für die Big-Player mit Millionen-Marketing Budget oder gibt es eine Chance, wie auch kleine Unternehmen mit schmalerem Budget hier erfolgreich sein können?

Well, in a word – create remarkable experiences for customers. There are amazing examples of small businesses who are using innovative approaches to creating media to create remarkable content-driven experiences for their customers.  These don’t have to be terribly expensive things. And, in fact, this is the real lesson of today’s media driven culture. You don’t have to spend alot of money in order to get a content-driven experience distributed.  All it takes is imagination, work and a commitment to creating those experiences. So, the way forward is to truly think about how you can use content to create a differentiated experience for your business, and to get your audience to help you spread that message. I’m reminded of the story that Andrew Davis tells of the small business contractor who used private videos to continually update his clients on his daily progress of their house remodel. Then, he uses a mashup of these to show the before and after of his work – and he’s created a whole differentiated library of content with this.

Zwei ausführliche Statements von einem echten Experten  freuen Sie sich auf seinen Vortrag „The 7th Era of Marketing“.

Noch knappe zwei Monate, dann gehen die Türen auf  Ihr Ticket sichern Sie sich hier!

Bis bald in Frankfurt!

Ben Strasser
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Ben Strasser ist seit Jahren fasziniert vom gelebten Content Marketing im Bereich der Lifestyle- und Extremsportszene. Zahlreiche in Kampagnen erzählte Geschichten voller Action, Herz und Humor begeisterten ihn bereits. "Jetzt geht es an die Entwicklung einer eigenen packenden Geschichte."

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