„Social Media influencers are testimonials of the new generation“ – Interview with Daniel Fuchs, aka magic_foxDienstag, 22. August 2017

Daniel Fuchs Magic Fox

Daniel Fuchs, aka magic_fox, has become a famous motivational and inspirational source especially for 20 to 30 year old men. His fitness know-how, combined with his unique style and his passion for fashion, has turned him into one of the most successful male fashion and fitness influencers in Germany.

At this year’s Content World in Hamburg, magic_fox will talk about his ascend from mechanical engineer to influencer and we wanted to know beforehand, what actual value brands can gain through an influencer.

What is the difference between influencer marketing vs. traditional advertising for brands?

Daniel Fuchs: Social Media influencers are, essentially, testimonials of the new generation. They are business partners that have their own community of followers who trust them. So an influencer can more effectively communicate his love for a product, based on this bond of trust, than direct marketing can.

How do you chose what brand is a good fit for you? How much does the feedback of your Instagram followers play into that decision?

I have always chosen brands – no matter if it was in regards to a cooperation or any other outfit recommendation – based on whether I personally like the brand and its products. And I will keep choosing my partners this way. My followers know me and appreciate my honest feedback, especially on fashion, lifestyle, and sport topics so their feedback is really important to me when I chose a new brand. At the same time, I sometimes start new trends with small labels that my followers never heard of before. Positive feedback affects my motivation and encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.

Ein Role Model für den "modernen Mann" - so sehen seine Fans Daniel Fuchs aka magic_fox

A role model for the „modern man“ – this is what Daniel’s fans see in him

What is your most fundamental advice for brands that want to start a partnership with influencers?

Give influencers the freedom to design their own posts. Influencers know better than anyone what their followers like and what kind of picture will get the most responses. The timing of the post is also incredibly important. Successful influencers have a tight timetable for their postings that they need to stick to. Otherwise, they don’t have enough time to create the quality content that their audience expects.

Meet Daniel Fuchs in person this 24 – 25 October 2017 in Hamburg at the Content World. You can register right here!

Instagram: magic_fox

Blog: The modern man

You can also find him on snapchat: fox_magic

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